Mar 062013
I'm From the Government and I'm Here to (Not) Help You

We understand that everyone makes mistakes from time to time, whether they work for the government or not. That’s unavoidable and okay, if the mistake was sincerely made in the first place rather than a deliberate abuse of authority (and authority is something that government employees tend to have much more of than people working in the private sector) and if the mistake is quickly rectified. We also understand that some people are not very […]

Mar 022013
Unintended Consequences in Liberal Seattle

The Seattle City Council unanimously passed a law last year banning the use of plastic bags in grocery stores, and requiring stores to charge 5c each for paper bags. In truth, it seems the retailers were quite pleased about this.  They no longer had to give away plastic and paper bags for free, and – even better – could often make a profit by selling the massively marked up reusable shopping bags that it was […]