Reviews and Reference Materials


Useful Reviews and Other Reference Material

5.7x28mm round review :  Is it the new super-round for tomorrow’s pistols, or is it justifiably overlooked and ignored?  Read our review to find out more about this fascinating new cartridge.

How to Choose a Lightweight Small Concealable Sub-compact Pocket Pistol :  A three part series that gives a detailed look into how to select the ‘best’ (if there is such a thing) small concealed carry pistol, what caliber it should be, and how to carry it.


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  1. From what I read about the Military Gun Tests, to replace the current Beretta M-9, 9mm, pistol, when the FNH 5.7X28mm, pistol Beat the H&K, 4.6mm, entry, the H&K people pulled some Political strings, and got the whole Test program thrown out, rather than see their handgun entry “Lose” out to the FNH 5.7X28mm entry, so now, no one has any knowledge about this fine pistol cartridge, in the US!

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