Feb 152011

The Mossad Emblem

You might have heard of the apparent assassination of a high ranking member of Hamas by what was subsequently claimed to be a team of Mossad agents from Israel, who intercepted the Hamas terrorist in Dubai.  This took place in January 2010.

Here now is a fascinating and very detailed account of what transpired, that makes for reading that is as interesting as any James Bond story ever was.

But – a word of caution.  As well researched and detailed as this article seems to be, 99% of the information in the story comes from a single source – the Dubai police.  And they are hardly a dispassionate impartial source of information, and as the article lightly touches on, there are some surprising gaps in the record provided by the Dubai authorities.

Don’t be too quick to rush to judgment as to the success or failure of this mission, and as to whether the group of people who allegedly conducted the ‘hit’ were truly professional or not.  A lot of armchair experts have been fast to criticize all sorts of aspects of what has subsequently become public.

The bottom line is that none of these people have been identified.  They all safely left Dubai and none of them have been arrested, and the only information we have comes from the Dubai authorities (although of course this last point is somewhat unavoidable).  While it is easy to criticize some aspects of the operation afterwards, the fact is that their mission security was never compromised in-country; they achieved their objective, and they safely exfiltrated subsequently.  And the possible trail of video ‘evidence’ has not caused any subsequent identification of any of the operatives.

Indeed, it would have been a complete success were it not for the suspicions of Hamas who sent someone to identify the dead body and who then created a high level investigation into what, until then, had been deemed an unsuspicious ordinary death.

One could even wonder if the very obvious links from the fake passports back to Israel do not in fact imply that rather than the Mossad being careless/complacent (a criticism very rarely leveled at the organization) if this wasn’t a ‘false flag’ operation designed to implication the Mossad in something that may have instead been sectional warfare between Hamas and other factions of the Palestinian groups.

It is also unexplained how the team of people were able to get to Dubai two days before their target – obviously there was a source inside Hamas that was feeding information to the operatives, another factor which tends to even handedly point to other Palestinian groups as much as it does to the Mossad.

You can also see the three videos the Dubai police compiled from surveillance cameras all around Dubai.  Here’s the first of the Youtube compilations, the other two can be seen in links from the first.


Bottom line – we can’t be sure exactly what (or who) we are seeing, and how much is truth and how much is fabrication.  But it is, nonetheless, a fascinating insight into part of what goes on beneath the surface of the real world.