Oct 112011

Disney have edited this scene, changing the shotgun into a broom

A seven minute Mickey Mouse cartoon, originally released back in 1938, had Mickey Mouse grabbing a double barreled shotgun from a wall rack in his bedroom to protect himself against what Mickey believed to be a dangerous escaped criminal (in actual fact, it turned out only to be a parrot).

The cartoon is light-hearted and fun, as were all Disney cartoons back then.

But in a recent re-release, Disney have edited out the shotgun, and replaced it with a broom instead (details here).

This is the same Disney that, through its wholly owned ABC network subsidiary, thinks nothing of bombarding all viewers, including children, with adult themes of sexuality, drug taking, immorality and violence (and, yes, even guns).

But apparently a cartoon shotgun in a Mickey Mouse short from 1938 is too harmful to expose to viewers?

Where are these people’s heads, other than up their you-know-whats?  Which is the more offensive – their censoring and substituting the cartoon shotgun, or the appalling imagery and storylines they foist on viewers most of the rest of the time?

Their inconsistency is extraordinary.  Shame on Disney.

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  1. Maybe Disney feels there’s a massive difference in adult television and a Mickey Mouse cartoon!

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