Apr 152012
Eight LAPD Officers Fire More Than 90 Rounds to Stop One Fleeing Youth

Here’s an interesting story about a 19 year old youth in Los Angeles – Abdul Arian – who took police on a high speed chase around the city while at the same time calling 911 and uttering threats about what would happen if the police stopped him. There are two things of interest. The first is what happened after he eventually stopped.  He got out of the car, surrounded by growing numbers of LA police, […]

Apr 062012
Intruder in Your House?  Maybe More Than One!

When someone talks to you about intruders in your house, what does your mind immediately picture?  How many intruders do you automatically think of being in your house? Some people will say one, others two.  A few might say three, but how many would say four? I ask this question having just read an article about a retired police officer who woke up after a mid-afternoon snooze to find four intruders in his house.  One […]