Aug 042011
School prayers are encouraged in Toronto, but only for Muslims, not Christians

School prayers are encouraged in Toronto, but only for Muslims, not Christians

Canada seems hell-bent on committing national and social suicide; turning its back on the country’s traditional values while welcoming and giving preferential treatment to a value system that is hostile to everything that Canada’s society has been built upon.  And while the examples in this post are in Canada, we all know the same thing is happening here in the US, too.

Here are two examples that you should read and ponder the implications of.

First, here is a fairly straightforward situation showing how Muslims get given ‘get out of jail free’ passes by the Toronto police.  Behavior that would get us arrested is apparently acceptable if you are a Muslim.

Okay, so that is something to get upset about, for sure.  But it seems like a finite sort of issue, rather than one which threatens to overturn Canadian society on its head, right?

So now please read this second article, and be afraid – be very afraid.  The scary part is not the appalling hypocrisy that has Canadian public schools banned from any type of linkage to anything Christian, but which allows them to encourage strict Muslim prayer sessions.  While that is bad enough, the really terrifying part is the analysis, towards the end of the article, about the demographic trends in western society.  To put it bluntly, Muslims are immigrating to western countries at greater rates than people of other religious persuasions, and once they get there, they are outbreeding us by two to one (in some cases even more).

Our future looks to be increasingly Muslim dominated.  In the past, it has made no difference to us if our neighbors are Protestant or Catholic or Jewish or agnostic/atheist.  Or, let’s open our minds some more – it also didn’t matter if they were Hindu or Buddhist or even Zoroastrian or – let’s go all the way – belong to some sort of ancient fertility cult.  Because, in at least the last hundred years or so, all these other religions and their adherents have been able to peacefully co-exist in western society (even if not necessarily in their own home countries!) without seeking to change our society and demanding that non-followers of their religion must adhere to their own personal opinions, views, and values.

But the Muslims seem to be different.  They seek to impose their values not only on themselves, but on the people around them too, and their values and behaviors are very different to ours.

That wouldn’t be a problem if we stood up and said ‘Sorry, you’re in our country, which is founded on Christian values of tolerance, decency, and egalitarianism’ and insisted they either conform to our social standards or return back to the squalor from which they’ve escaped.  But, for reasons that I can’t start to comprehend, we don’t do this.

Let’s be frank here – when Muslims move to our countries, they are moving to countries with vastly better living standards than what they’re leaving behind them (why else would they come here?).  And – here’s the irony of it – the reason our societies are so much more affluent and appealing to them – is because we have Christian/western standards and those have allowed us to build the positive societies that these immigrants simultaneously seek out to live in and then wish to destroy.

The ultimate sadness in all of this?  Our problem is not really the Muslim invasion that is occurring everywhere around us.  Our problem is ourselves and the passive way we go out of our way to accommodate them and their beliefs, even though those same beliefs are the opposite of the traditional values that our societies are built on.  Most of all, our problem is the hypocrisy that sees us restricting and debasing our Christian heritage while welcoming the new Muslim system and giving it preferential treatment.

We have met our enemy, and it is, alas, none other than ourselves.

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