Nov 072011

Use each Daylight Savings switch as a trigger to check through your general emergency preparedness.

Hi, folks

Just a quick reminder – check out our article that gives a list of five different things you should do each time that daylight saving switches over.

Actually, many of these things should be done more often than every six months, but the chances are they tend to be overlooked and forgotten, so each daylight savings switch is a good time to review through this list.

Our list is of course far from complete.  There’s a lot more to do with not just weapons based defense, but more general defense and emergency planning, too.

For example, we talk about checking batteries, but if you have an emergency generator, you should be giving that a test run at least every six months too (and replacing its fuel too).  And checking the pressure/level in your fire extinguishers (and your vehicle spare tires).  And so on and so on.

Use our list as the start of your own six monthly checklist of things.  And feel free to recommend items we should add to our own list.

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