Apr 262011

Biased headline, biased article

For sure, George Bush was a controversial President and attracted a huge amount of criticism (and, alas, not all of it unjustified).  But do you ever remember reading a headline ‘Left Wingers Continue to Mean-Spiritedly Nitpick at President Bush’?

Now look at this article, prominently featured on Yahoo and elsewhere, but with two key words changed :  Left becomes Right, and Bush becomes Obama.

This article is an appalling example of media bias, from the headline, to the content, and even to the gratuitous insults offered to conservative politicians at the end.

In the interest of fairness, let me match the lack of history knowledge by a congresswoman with Obama’s reference to ‘all 57 states’ – he doesn’t even know how many states there are in the United States!  And let me match Sarah Palin’s hand notes with Obama’s slavish reliance on a TelePrompTer wherever he goes – a total inability to deliver unscripted speeches.

But you won’t see any of this in that article.

Instead, in a desperate attempt to defuse the shameful silence on Obama’s part regarding Easter (click the link for an excellent article on that), and to try and pathetically explain why he enthusiastically talks up Muslim religious holidays instead, the article and its writer does what the left wing has become so skilled at – it attacks and insults the conservatives, rather than choosing to enter into a fairminded debate about the issues.

And that is probably why you’re here, reading this.  Thank you.

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